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Welcome To Corporate Munim

Corporate Munim is not just an ERP but a complete Business Automation Solution (BAS).With the success history of more than twenty two years Corporate Munim has proved itself as one of the fastest growing ERP solutions at global level. It has been designed and developed after deep research in areas like business pain points, processes pain points business enhancement boosters for different industries. It is not limited to particular module or section but it is a one stop solution for all business needs. Corporate Munim makes your business processes smooth and streamlined, so that you and your top management can utilize your power and energy for business enhancement rather than using them in sorting out the communications and reports.

About Nipl

Established in 1991, Nutec Infotech Pvt. Ltd (NIPL) is a well known and reputed name of industry for its revolutionary product Corporate Munim. For more than two decades Nutec Infotech Pvt. Ltd has built a powerful platform of delivering premium quality services. It started the business and grown at tremendous speed in one of most competitive and toughest times of the IT Industry globally.

Vision and Mission

With the tendency of growing together, Nutec Infotech Pvt. Ltd believes in solution based culture. Its philosophy is very simple: If you understand the pain areas of clients; if you are willing to provide a solution that really works; and if you believe in creating value through business, success always will be there at your doorsteps. Nutec Infotech Pvt. Ltd has adopted transparent and honest business practices and generated immense goodwill with clients, employees, vendors and society. By 2016, Nutec Infotech Pvt. Ltd is looking forward to be a leading global player for its complete ERP solution Corporate Munim.

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Latest News

  • The implementation team member of Corporate Munim receives the reorganization as ‘The most aggressive implementer’ from   Swift Industrial Products. Such feedbacks from clients matter us the most. Many thanks to Swift Industrial Products for valuing our efforts

       September 06,2013

  • Corporate Munim expands its operations in Middle East. Director Mr. Hetal Shah himself visited several prospects in August, 2013 and company office as well. He is looking forward to better serve the growing demand from Middle East Countries. 

       September 12,2013

  • Corporate Munim is planning to rebrand its Hospital Management Software in the month of October this year

       September 17,2013

  • Nutec InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. is organizing a Blood Donation Camp on 15 March 2014.

       March 15,2014

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